Skip Cleaver has lived in Nashua for 43 years. The nickname, Skip, was given to him in 1944 because his father was serving in the Navy in World War II on board the Battle Cruiser USS Alaska in the Pacific theater. Mail delays of 4 to 5 months from the ships at sea to the east coast of the USA caused his parents to refer to him as "The Skipper" because his dad did not know whether they had a boy or girl or what name he was given.

Family and Education

Skip's undergraduate degree is in Political Science and History, and he earned his MBA from Rivier College (now University). He has three adult children: Son Aaron works for the US Forest Service in Durham, NH and is a 24-year veteran of the US Air Force and Air National Guard--three children, Karsten, Imogen and Elise; Eldest daughter Leslie resides in Oakland with husband Chris and son Dean, and teaches part time at Emerson Elementary School; Daughter Traci is in graduate school for her Master's in Library and Information Science and currently work as a Communications Specialist for the University of CA's graduate student union, UAW Local 2865. She is an avid runner and lives in Northern CA.

Work History

Skip is currently an event management  consultant and volunteer with several environmental protection organizations.  He worked for many years with Nashua Corporation in Computer Products and International Office Equipment. He has been a teacher and coach (cross country, track, and wrestling); including teaching graduate and under graduate business with several institutions. Skip is a veteran of the US Marine Corps and also worked in management for the US Department of Transportation from 1969 to 1981. More recently he was Managing Editor for Cool Running.com/Active Network, Inc.

Community and Recreation

​Skip has been very involved politically throughout his 43 years in Nashua, as well as a volunteer in various organizations.  He is a life long distance runner with 43 marathons to his credit as well as dozens of half marathons, 24 Mount Washington Road Races, and hundreds of road and trail and mountain races of various distances.  He also enjoys biking, hiking, kayaking and canoeing.  He is a founding member, and past two term President of the Gate City Striders--and a charter member of Gate City's Hall of Fame. He is a 25-year member of Club National.