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Transportation Infrastructure

Let's create jobs, increase property values, improve our business climate, hold on to our young and qualified workforce by bringing passenger rail to New Hampshire. We can provide our state with the transportation options and standards of other states and countries, reduce highway congestion and air pollution, reduce overall transportation costs to Boston and to the Manchester-Boston regional airport. And it will bring millions of dollars to the New Hampshire economy and tax base. Many jobs will be available when we improve roads, streets and bridges as well.  We need more pedestrian and bicycle access and byways, especially between towns and within our larger communities.  Road and street repair and construction must include these pathways, including bridges.

An Improved (and fair, moral) Economy

Let us build an economy that works for all New Hampshire citizens. I want to fight for more and better jobs in our state, and for a living minimum wage with a goal of $15.00 per hour. This will boost our economy--nearly all these wages will be spent on local businesses--providing additional purchasing power; we can increase business profits while lifting our neighbors out of poverty.  Child care must be both available and affordable. Quality options are not there for many at present, and the cost is too high. Are only well to do citizens able to work with child care only for the few who can afford it?

Improved, Equitable, and Sustainable Education

We must do all can to support elementary and secondary education to prepare our kids for the world of today, including expanding civics and social science requirements, strengthening art and physical education opportunities. And we must make our state institutions of higher learning more affordable and accessible for both professional and technical learning and skills. In no instance should public funds be used for any private educational enterprise or institutions. Our goal must be tuition-free higher education at all state colleges. We must relieve the property tax burden while insuring that all schools have available--and equitable resources no matter the district. Let's reestablish stabilization funding.

Quality Health Care for All

It is essential that we make our Medicaid expansion permanent.  Some 50,000 were added to the Medicaid rolls last legislative session and this must be permanent. These added Federal funds are key in maintaining a healthy economy as well, as many medical facilities are struggling and otherwise some may close--especially in the northern part of the state. Additionally we must fund Planned Parenthood and protect a woman's right to make her own healthcare decisions.


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